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  • California-based Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI) develops highly innovative hardware and software technologies that allow musicians, DJs, and VJs to interface with computers in exciting new ways. The company’s distinctive controller range offers new dimensions of expression and control that enable computer and tablet-based instruments to feel and respond like traditional musical instruments. KMI products include the QuNeo 3D multi-touch pad controller designed for use with music and DJ software and the new QuNexus smart sensor keyboard controller, an essential tool for musicians of all levels.

  • JoeCo Limited. Manufacturer of the Blackbox Recorder, Blackbox Player and the new Bluebox range. The Blackbox offer a professional solution to record/replay of multichannel audio without using a computer. JoeCo innovation continues. The BlueBox include audio interface capability with full redundancy recording to the JoeCo and a computer at the same time. These Recorders are successfully used in live performance, broadcast, film and TV sound and post production. JoeCo products can interface with analog, MADI, Dante, AES and ADAT. The popular Player is designed for replaying backing tracks and multiple surround stems for live shows and themed entertainment. Multiple units can be linked for large track counts and market leading full redundancy backup for live applications.

  • This highly respected Italian manufacturer recently celebrated its 15th Anniversary and continues to grow and innovate for the demands of bass players worldwide.
    MarkBass specialises in the development of high-quality amp heads, preamps and power amps, cabinets, combos, effects pedals and accessories for bass players. Made from premium quality components and using the proprietary MPT (Mark Proprietary Technology) power amp technology, Markbass products combine powerful sound with lightweight construction, making them the first choice of bass players worldwide, including greats such as Marcus Miller, Michael League, Randy Jackson and Richard Bona.  
    This is the latest addition to the range, the absolutely stunning new Alain Caron K1 combo.

  • Mark Drum is a professional electronic drum kit. Specially developed to feel just like an acoustic kit, offering an innovative range of features including 24 on-board drum kits, DSP effects, a “Smart Pad” patented triggering system, “Hot Spot Removal” patented technology on toms and snare, together with an aluminium rack (powered by a bus connection system) for lightness and portability.

  • Specially designed for guitarists, the DV Mark brand offers powerful yet lightweight amplification technology.
    With the amazing Multiamp modelling amp and a range of solid state and valve heads and combos, cabinets, pedals and accessories. Made from high-quality components and using the proprietary MPT (Mark Proprietary Technology) power amp technology, DV Mark products are optimised to respond to the needs of the musician, while delivering top-quality sound to the audience.  DV Mark is the choice of many guitarists including legends such as Frank Gambale, Greg Howe, Kiko Loureiro, Eric Gales and Fredrik Thordendal

  • Manufactured in Italy and used by some of the world’s leading keyboard artists, Studiologic products are renowned for their weighted key and hammer action technologies that authentically imitate the action of traditional pianos and organs. The brand combines amazing playability with state-of-the-art DSP and integration technology, offering musicians a range of possibilities for live performance and studio use. The Studiologic series currently includes a range of premium controller keyboards including the ground breaking SL line, and instruments such as Numa pianos, organ and Sledge synthesizer.

  • Rock n’ roll scientists making world class software for audio professionals and musicians.
    Softube develops both hardware and software for the audio industry. Including  a wide range of high-end computer recording plug-ins under its own  respected Softube brand. The company has also developed the award winning Mixer hardware called Console one which ships with SSL licenced emulations of the SSL 4000E . Console One is now available in its Mk2 incarnation. The Company also develops software for many respected Pro Audio companies including Universal Audio, Marshall, Fender, Abbey Road Studios, Native Instruments, Ableton, TC Electronics and others.

  • Founded in 1981 in Hollywood, California. Studio Electronics have been proudly manufacturing American-made premium quality analog synths and Class-A audio gear for over 30 years. The company’s legendary product range includes the BoomStar desktop discrete analogue synth range, the Slate Pro Audio Dragon and Fox, along with the Discrete Sound Engine Analog Synths™ ATC-X(I), Omega 8, C.O.D.E, and classic SE-1X: Their products can be found in the arsenals of leading electronic musicians the world over, including some of the biggest names in Pop, R&B, Rock, Dance/EDM and Film scoring. Studio Electronics continue to develop new additional products, and have applied their many years expertise to recently introduce Modstar, a highly respected full Modular Analog synthesiser system which currently includes over 20 modules, such as Tonestar, Grainy Clampit, Circles and others.


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