Studiologic SL88 Grand MIDI Controller



The SL88 Grand is nothing less than the reinvention of the high-end keyboard controller. Using a graded hammer action keybed with Ivory Touch and wooden keys it gives you the natural feeling of a truly amazing, extremely well-balanced grand piano.

Designed for the professional musician, with focus on quality and touch with a simple and accessible control panel, powerful and simple user interface and three X/Y stick controllers. With more than 30 years experience in keybed development and a powerful operating system, perfect for you to control your virtual hardware and instruments. All provided in a new, refreshing way.

Perfect performance control is made possible by the TP/40WOOD keyboard, with three contacts per key and high resolution velocity measurement. Every keyboard is calibrated from the factory to assure uniform key response.

With its compact profile, the SL88 Grand is an extremely portable professional controller. Even with its high-end graded hammer action / wooden keyboard, it weighs less than 21 kilograms. The SL88 Grand is studio and stage ready with a rugged full metal casing.

With its uncomplicated control panel, the SL88 Grand is simple to use, but has some of the most powerful and flexible MIDI implementation to be found. The full Colour TFT display and 6-way controller knob allows speedy navigation, taking you quickly and easily through the various functions.

The SL88 Grand features three X/Y stick controllers that can be programmed to control any performance or sound parameter, allowing flexibility and expressive control.

Stick 1 - spring-loaded for both X/Y directions. The typical use for this stick is pitch and modulation control.
Stick 2 - spring-loaded in X direction only.
Stick 3 - free in X and Y directions, ideal for panning, cross fading and parameter control.

All sticks feature an elegant, aluminium control shaft which feels perfectly balanced and expressive to the touch.

Magnetic rail system - Common to all SL Controllers, the SL88 Grand features the innovative Magnetic Rail System at the rear. You can easily add a music stand or an extension plate to hold your written notes, music, laptop or tablet. It works as brilliantly and easily as it looks - simply click the carriers into the backrail in the position you need them.

Specification -

88 Keys, TP/40WOOD with Ivory Touch and wooden keys
Triple switch detection system, Aftertouch
Touch - Soft, Medium, Hard, Fixed (programmable)
6 Editable user velocity curves (with SL Editor)
250 Programs
12 Programs Groups
4 Programmable Zones
2 MIDI Ports separately assignable
3 Programmable sticks
Rotating encoder with navigation controls
3 Function buttons
Display: Color graphic LCD - TFT 320 x 240
Pedals: 2 switch, 1 continuous, 1 universal
MIDI: In, Out1, Out2
USB: USB to Host, MIDI, USB Powered
Power Supply
Adapter input:
100-240V / Output: 9V-1A
Dimensions: 1260x310x125mm
Weight: 13.7kg

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