LongEvo – Nano-film Shielded 4 String Set - Stainless Steel - Medium Gauge: 45-105

Markbass Strings


The LONGEVO series – the result of a perfect union between master string makers and Markbass innovation!

With respect for the environment, Markbass offers its strings as a green brand.  With the use of applied nanotechnology which is totally ecological and biocompatible, we offer superior strings shielded with an imperceptible microfilm that gives them exceptional long life and retains the same amazing tone and feel with unchanged elastic properties, intonation and reliability!

The Longevo series is a result of Markbass innovation and the master artistry of the Abruzzo String makers. The strings are made of high quality selected stainless steel wire, hand-wound on hexagonal high carbon content core with an eco-friendly biodegradable nano coating, helping to preserve your tone and the environment!

String Series: LongEvo Nano-film shielded
Stainless Steel
No. of Strings:
4 String Set
.45, .60, .80, 105
Long Scale, 94cm
Hexagonal high carbon content