Markbass Marcus Miller CMD 103 Bass Combo



The biggest combo of Marcus signature series, the Marcus Miller CMD 103 is still very portable and it’s the perfect choice for players who want a great tone and high power with the amazing clear definition, punch and dynamic of the Little Marcus 500W head in a compact and versatile combo.

With its innovative 3 x 10” configuration, the CMD 103 makes a unique contribution to the bass amp market. Designed for players who want great sound and high power from a compact, versatile combo, this professional-quality unit has an impressively big sound. The 3x10” cab design is the mid-way choice between a 2x10” and a 4x10”, featuring a 6 ohm cabinet, giving the advantage to draw more power from the power amp (400W), offering a great balance of sound, power, weight and size... it’s perfect for any bass player!

The new 1” Voice Coil tweeter featured on this combo has been chosen after many comparative tests. It is very focused in the high range with excellent transient attack and it delivers smooth and crispy highs that are never harsh or brittle.

In many cases, you don’t want the inconvenience of a separate head and cabinet. The Marcus Miller CMD 103 has a big sound with the one-piece simplicity of a combo.

Specification -

1 x 1/4", Footswitch (optional)
Gain, Mute Switch, Master Level, Line out Level, EQ1 (footswitchable: Ultralow, low, mid, high mid, high), EQ2 (“Old School” variable low pass, “Millerizer” band pass filter)
Line Out, Effects loop, Tuner Out
400W RMS @ 6 ohms
3 x 10" and a Voice Coil Tweeter
Minimum 4 Ohms

Collections: Markbass, Markbass Amps and Cabs

Type: Bass Combo