Studiologic Numa Compact 2 Keyboard



The Numa Compact 2 has an ultra compact and lightweight cabinet, integrating new technology derived from high quality and professional keyboards at a much lower price! Its a big step forward in terms of sound quality, digital post processing effects and full MIDI controller features.

With its built-in speakers and internal digital amplifier, the Numa Compact 2 is suitable and flexible for use in any musical environment. You can use it with the high-quality built-in speakers in a session, practice at home with your headphones and also plug it into an amp or the PA system when performing live on stage.

The ergonomic metal stick controllers allow your most expressive performance, the programmable sticks and the Aftertouch give complete musical control, never found before in any instrument of its category.

The bright OLED display gives a clear view of your chosen settings. The sound bank section has a wide selection of professional sounds, installed on its 1 GB flash memory and the FX processor allows you to perform with up to 6 effects simultaneously.

Specification -

88 Keys with TP/9 Piano semi-weighted action, Dual switch detection system, Aftertouch, Touch Selections from Soft, Medium, Hard and Fixed (programmable)
Sound Generator:
128 voice Polyphony, 2 Parts: Lower + Upper, TrS (True Sound) Stereo multi-samples, 88 Preset Sounds: 8 Acoustic Piano, 8 Electric Piano, 8 Keyboards, 12 Bass & Guitars, 12 Organs, 12 Synthesizers, 12 Orchestral, 16 Other sounds
FX1: Drive, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, FX2: Rotary, Tremolo, Pan Trem, Delay, REVERB: Room, Hall, Plate, Spring, Strings Resonance on all Piano sounds with level control, Use 6 effects simultaneously: 2 FX on Lower + 2 FX on Upper + Reverb + Strings resonance
99 User programs, 1GB Samples memory, 4 Sections, 2 Sounds in Layer or Split mode, 2 MIDi Zones in Layer or Split mode, Edit functions, Global Edit (8 parameters), Program Edit (4 parameters), Part Edit (13 parameters), Mixer (Lower / Upper / Zone A / Zone B volume control), Master controls: Bass, Treble, Mastering, Volume. MIDI Module, 2 Programmable Zones - A/B, Program Change, Bank Select (LSB, MSB), MIDI Channel, Volume, Split assign, Transpose, Octave Pedals 1-2 assign, Sticks 1-2 assign
Speaker System:
2 Elliptical full range speakers, 10 + 10W built-in digital Amplifier
Audio OUT: 2x 6,3 mm mono jack (L+R), Headphones: 6,3 mm TRS jack (programmable as Aux out), Pedals I/O Expression, Universal, MIDI In, Out, USB: Audio, MIDI, power
Power Supply
DC In: 12V
Adapter input:
100-240V / Output: 12V-2.5A
Dimensions: 1270x230x100mm
Weight: 7.1kg

Collections: Studiologic

Type: Piano